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Hero: Wayne Coyne

Wayne Coyne is currently on tour with The Flaming Lips. As of publishing time he is unavailable for comment.

Untied Bow Tie with workman's boots. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

Untied Bow Tie with Workman's Boots. Yeah Yeah Yeah.

The Flaming Lips are veteran rock n rollers, having performed internationally for over 25 years; they have changed their image more than once, but have always been led by notable eccentric, Wayne Coyne.


As far as the music of the Flaming Lips goes –  I could take it or leave it, but the style of their lead singer is uplifting and fun. Wayne Coyne is interesting without being weird. This bears repeating: He is interesting without being weird – he defies convention without making those who live in the realm of convention uncomfortable. If he and I ever went to my grandmother’s house to play billiards in her basement I would not have to excuse Mr. Coyne saying, “Pardon my weirdo friend, he’s in a rock band.”


Do you realize... How great that feather is?

Do you realize... How great that feather is?

Coyne represents what Future Fashion Now strives to be about: simple, accessible, interesting. Coyne is a perfect example of the common phrase, “it’s not what you wear but how you wear it.” In late September Coyne was interviewed by Stephen Colbert and he wore a modest suit with a red feather in his jacket pocket and a tie which had been cut off at his sternum.  Coyne’s wardrobe must be filled with well cut, but loosely worn, light colored suits which represents the whimsical and somewhat psychedelic nature of The Flaming Lips very well. He won’t scare Great Gram, but the kids will still think he’s fun.


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